I have always been enamored by tarot, and in particular how there are so many different decks in unique artistic styles. In searching for a deck that felt right for myself, I began to think about how I would illustrate certain cards. I ended up doing a couple illustrations, and although it was fun, they were based in the classic imagery associated with different cards and did not feel particularly creative. Fast-forwarding a couple years, I started reading more about tarot again and wanted to try putting together illustrations for certain cards once again.

I hope to eventually work my way through all the major arcana cards, however it is a slow process, as I try to put a lot of thought into each illustration and make each card a creative endeavor. I have tried to achieve a style which is deeply rooted in the natural, and which doesn’t necessarily follow the classic visuals of tarot, and illustrations which are simple in design, but are precise in the details. Much of my inspiration comes from the symbolism, properties, and meanings of plants and flowers, as well as the cultural, religious, and mythological meanings for animals. All of these tarot illustrations are available as prints on my Etsy, and you can click any of the titles to be directed to the Etsy page.

“The Hermit” Tarot Card