Shadow & Light in the Afternoon

July 2020

I have always been amazed by how light can transform the world. Watching the movement and interaction between shadow and light in my day-to-day life has been a focal point for how my appreciation and admiration for the natural world feeds into the creativity I feel for art, from photography to landscape paintings. Although consideration of light is, inevitably, a part of all photography, I wanted to take a series of photos that specifically focuses in on shadow and light as a theme.

Late afternoon is one of my favorite points in the day… the time when you can see the shift toward intense golden light, long shadows, and the preciousness of knowing that light is fleeting and will soon be gone. So that seemed like the ideal time to capture these images which to me are an ode to the beauty of light and shadow.

These photos brought on the challenge of being very focused on Lucy’s face, facial expressions, and positioning within the light. Unlike other shoots where you are making decisions about the natural settings, wardrobe, full-body movement, and time of day, with these photos all of those variables were stripped away. It was just me and Lucy, and the sunlight streaming through the window. The lack of these other elements allowed for the sole focus of the photos to be exploring how the shadows and light fell onto Lucy, and emphasize in different ways the expressiveness of her features.