A familiar game, known by Werewolf or Mafia… reimagined with a new set of characters.

This is a narrative, immersive role-playing game; all you need is the game and a group of people ready to sink into the storyline and play their part. Nevermind “good versus evil”—in this game, each player is just doing what they need to in order to survive. 
A narrator (one of the players) will lead the group through a sequence of days and nights, and as the game progresses in rounds you will try to figure out who you can trust–and more importantly, who you cannot trust. 

The setting of the game begins as such…

“Night falls and a fog begins to settle over Windborne, covering blades of grass with dew. The moon casts long shadows, and illuminates the contours of slowly drifting clouds. The night is completely still, all but for a rustle when a bird leaves a tree perch, or the soft rattle of window panes when a gust of wind sweeps through the narrow streets.”

As an artist, I wanted to embed my own personal style into the very fiber of the game—from characters and illustrations, to the rulebook and storyline. I drew on inspiration from animal and plant symbolism, the mystery of magic, and the poetry of times long-passed.

the new cast of characters:

Night Falls is out now and can be purchased on Etsy.