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1) Having your own domain allows you to accept email at that domain. So any email address ending in @willowandbriarstudio.com (erin@willowandbriarstudio.com, tarrot-pronosticator@willowandbriarstudio.com etc.) can be directed to your email box.

2) Even if you do not want to do anything active with the domain name now, having it will keep it out of the hands of someone else who may be thinking along the same lines (Steal Like An Artist).

3) Etsy or Your Own Domain?

4) What’s Best for Artists & Makers?

5) You might want to check out a site like Fine Art America which allows you to integrate a personal site along with their  selling platform. They even provide a self-generating  third  stand alone site for you on pixels.com

FAA is a great site for additional exposure, for now or in the future. It is fully focused on artists and not eclectic like Etsy.

Anyway the domain is yours …. Happy 20th

~ Uncle Dave


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