I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, and as a child, “home” was tied deeply to time spent outside, developing a great appreciation for the forests, rolling ridge-lines, and farmland that are quintessential to the landscape in Pennsylvania. My parents’ garden was also a space for continual wonder and exploration, from the raised vegetable beds and fruit trees, to a plethora of herbs and flowers, to the hammock that sat beneath the dappled light of a great birch tree.

Summers were spent alternating visiting my extended family, in the Pacific Northwest on my mom’s side, and in Upper Austria on my dad’s side. One summer we would drive across the US, camping and going to national parks en route to Northern California, and with the next we would visit Austria and spend long summer days hiking in the alps with family. These travels in my early life are something I am profoundly thankful for, and that have immeasurably influenced my love of the outdoors, travel, and being active.

At twelve, my parents and I moved to Cambridge, England for a year, which was the major turning point for my love of art. In that year, we took many weekend trips throughout the UK, staying in Youth Hostels, exploring the countryside, and visiting castles, estates, and gardens. To this day, my mother and I both romanticize about going back!

While at university I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study abroad, first in Madrid, Spain for a month and a half, and then in Valparaíso, Chile for five months. Both were wonderful adventures, and became dearly loved homes––even in the short time I had to live in each place. I am always looking forward to future traveling adventures!

Outside of artistic endeavors, I love staying active with hiking and biking, cooking from different international cuisines, mixing up a good cocktail, spending time with friends playing board games, and much more.

On this site you will find a collection of some of the art forms I have become most passionate about: drawing, painting, and photography… all tied together by a common thread of being inspired foundationally from a love of the natural world.

I’m glad you’re here!


Photos taken by Colin Baumgartner