A Dawn in Lace & Silk

July 2020

On this morning in July, Lucy and I woke up at 4 AM, bleary-eyed and with still-sleepy minds, lacking some of the motivation and excitement that had been there the night before when we set our alarms. Still, we roused ourselves and tumbled downstairs to pack tea into thermoses and get the bags of clothing and camera equipment that we had packed up the night before. Into the still dark morning, we got in the car, turned on tunes, and headed toward the lake.

I was a little nervous about how the shoot would go, mostly because with a dawn shooting time, you can’t completely know what the morning will be like and therefore have to be ready to roll with whatever you get. On this particular morning, we arrived at our destination and it felt like the most magical time… no one else around, dew-covered grass, atmospheric fog resting gently on the surface of the water, and the delicate and warm morning light just starting to creep in over the hills.

Lucy is one of my best friends, so shooting with her is always wonderful. Although these photos come off as a little more refined, the morning was beyond all else, light-hearted and fun: a lake day for two old friends. I was incredibly excited to take photos of these beautiful lace and silk tops, which feel reminiscent of an elegance from times long past. The morning light highlighted the details in the shirts beautifully, and one of my favorite elements from the shoot was seeing how the feeling of the photos changed from when Lucy was still mostly dry at the beginning to afterward once she had submerged herself in the water and had wet hair. To me these photos are elegant, intimate, effortless, and above all radiate feminine beauty.